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Weather for France and World


A quick and easy way to get the weather forecast for your region updated in real time by meteorologists!A weather forecast app even better than on television:
- Flash and TV news presented three times a day!- Flash TV about the weekend weather, road weather and seasonal trends, weather in Europe- Webcams in France- Weather forecast for the night / morning / afternoon / evening- Radar Animation for 3 hours- Radar for rainfall, wind, satellite, currents
Options spring - summer - autumn of
- Beach weather- Temperature of sea - lakes - rivers - pools- Astronomy, rise and set of sun and moon- Information on allergies with the amount of pollens in the air- Pollution level; Ozone - Qxyde
Option winter
- All stations in France and Switzerland with states for tracks; Skiing - cross-country - sledding- Check the snow through live webcams from the ski slopes- The last snowfall in a snap- Limit of snowfall- Limit zero degreeAdditional information throughout the year:
- Value of forecast reliability- Probability of sunshine and rainfall- Average temperature, minimum and maximum- Perceived temperature- Force and wind direction, strength of wind gusts- Fog- Graphics for each hour- Limit of snowfall- Limit zero degree
- Fast view for 10 days in landscape mode (not radar and TV)- Choice of city or any location: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, London, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelone, Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam ... and even small villages around the World.
Source and Partner: MeteoNews SA, France